Subscriber Analysis Application

Today’s Reporting Challenges…
  • Multiple definitions of subscriber metrics
  • Inability to track subscriber and product migrations
  • More time spent reconciling than analyzing

Scorecard’s Subscriber Analysis application allows telecoms to consistently manage subscriber-based reporting and analytics across multiple source systems.

  • Track Disparate Subscriber Activity: Locate and combine all related activity regardless of phone or account number changes.
  • Match Product Migrations: Match product transactions to allow tracking of upgrade/downgrade paths.
  • Common Rules Repository: Manage business rules and metrics definitions in a single location, and leverage across all reporting tools.
  • Define Industry Standard Metrics: Leverage industry standard metrics for more accurate reporting.
  • Audit Tracking: Trace transformed data back to the source and track business rule version history.
  • Compatible Technology: Integrates easily into existing BI environment, including the data warehouse, and complements existing reporting tools.
  • Scalable Architecture: Ability to handle large volumes of data allows it to grow with the business.

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Commission Manager

Today’s Commissioning Challenges…
  • Too much time spent researching payment issues
  • Difficult to keep up with new products and services
  • Complexity increases processing time and errors

Scorecard’s Commission Manager application provides telecoms with an easy way to manage complex sales commissions.

  • Agent Profile Management: Manage agent details including contact info, agent code, roles, multiple hierarchies, and quotas.
  • User-Defined Calculations: Commission rules entered and managed by users, and supported by a number of available calculation types.
  • Self-Directed Research: Automatically researches, explains, and routes activities in question.
  • Manual Adjustments and Overrides: Apply adjustments, suspend disputed payments, create guaranteed commissions, and set quota relief periods.
  • Commission Event Reporting: Create summary or detailed reports showing payment detail, chargebacks, and other metrics.
  • Flexible: Leverages the accurate data produced by Subscriber Analysis Application and other sources required for commissions processing.

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