Scorecard Systems Inc.

Scorecard Systems Inc. is the international leader in Business Intelligence and Sales Compensation solutions for broadband, satellite and mobile operators. Our solutions have helped our customers:

  • Improve data quality
  • Rapidly deliver converged fixed/mobile KPIs
  • Reduce commission overpayments
  • Detect customer/sales rep fraud
  • Eliminate legacy hard-coded solutions
  • Expedite merger-related consolidation
  • Automate commission dispute resolution 
Let us help you improve your data and analytical capabilities today!

Subscriber Analysis Application

Out-of-the box converged fixed/mobile telecom KPIs with advanced fraud detection and customer journey/revenue walk tracking capabilities.

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Commission Manager

Telecom-specific sales compensation solution with unlimited commissionable events, plans and role, typically reducing commission payments by 10% and manual research efforts by 90%.

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