Subscriber Analysis Application

Accurate Reporting Drives Sound Decisions

Scorecard's Subscriber Analysis Application, which has been deployed at over 75 operators around the world, is a telecom-specific KPI rules application that has been used to greatly enhance the data accuracy / integrity present in an operator's KPI definitions and business rules.

Our customers have stated that the SAA provides a much more accurate, detailed, auditable solution than their previous home-grown solutions, and significantly reduced their operating costs in this area (and usually also massively reducing commission payouts). It also drives the ownership and maintenance of the business rules directly to Finance or Marketing, rather than requiring complex IT projects any time there is a change to be made.

The SAA can be deployed in any data warehouse architecture (on-premise or cloud-based), either as part of the ELT process, within the data warehouse or as a downstream semantic layer, and can feed any business intelligence, reporting or analytics tool.

Our customers have previously struggled with: 
  • Existing KPI definitions with high cost of ownership due to 800,000 lines of hard-coded SQL for business rules
  • Long run-times due to complexity of ETL
  • Lengthy lead time for any changes to business rules
  • Limited rotational churn detection for customers using different account #s/customer IDs/IMEIs over time
  • Limited ability to do upgrade/downgrade reporting between services/packages

The SAA provides:

  • Table-based business rules with web interface to manage definitions and dimensional hierarchies for converged fixed/mobile reporting.
  • Converged KPIs with unlimited grains (subscription, product, customer, Customer Relationship, household/premise, primary service unit, revenue generating unit, account, billing account, etc.)
  • 115+ KPIs including split of connects into upsells/cross-sells/new customer, etc.
  • Rotational churn matching (detection of customers reconnecting that appear to be new customers)
  • Full audit trail / metadata to label reason for each KPI
  • Automated reconciliation to source data

Download our Subscriber Analysis Application data sheet for more information.