Why Scorecard?

Traditional home-grown / custom-written telecom reporting and commission solutions struggle to keep up with the rapid changes in the telecom landscape and the need to move away from traditional line/product approaches to a more customer/household-focused converged fixed/mobile reporting environment where new product lines, KPIs and reporting dimensions can be added rapidly without the need for IT coding projects or expensive external resources.

Sales compensation solutions are often inflexible and require heavy customization, or look flashy in demos but the delivery is lengthy and lacking. Both on-premise and cloud-based vendors charge exorbitant fees for every commissions user, plan or event rather than delivering a solution that does not require constant investment to grow with your organization.

Scorecard's solutions have been successfully deployed since 1996 at over 75 operators around the world.

Scorecard allows operators to:

  • Accelerate

> Typically 90 days from source data availability to start of UAT.
> Leverage business rules from 75+ other deployments.
> Business rules at customer, household, subscription, product level exist out-of-the box in SAA.
> Limited internal company resource requirements (no “people in a room for 3 months

  • De-Risk

~1600 subscriber activity business rules tested over 20 years.
Experienced deployment teams re-using existing software.

  • Reduce Cost
Initial deployment: re-use of existing system minimizes typical design, code, test cycles. Lower cost than PS build approach.
Ongoing TCO: table-based business rules simplify:
+ Business rule changes
+ Product Linkages (product catalog)
+ Dimension mapping

  • Future Proof
Limited impact of turnover in customer IT group.
Ability to leverage new functionality from other clients.

We would love to hear from you about your challenges in the business intelligence/data warehouse or sales compensation areas. Drop us a line at: sales@scorecardsystems.com

Product Data Sheets

Subscriber Analysis Application [pdf]
Commission Manager [pdf]