Commission Manager

Reduce Costs and Enhance Sales Agent Credibility

Scorecard’s Commission Manager is a web-based application that manages commission plans, sales agent information, calculates commission payments, and automates the dispute resolution process.

Commission Manager works with either an unlimited number of existing in-house data sources (billing, CRM, data warehouse, POS, etc.), or in combination with Scorecard’s Subscriber Analysis Application. Leveraging accurate event activity, Commission Manager is able to determine which events are commissionable, apply the user-defined commission plans, and produce a commission payment file. When used as an underlying data source, Scorecard’s Subscriber Analysis Application can massively reduce commissions fraud by detecting rotational churn and can expand the commissionable event possibilities with its richer KPI library.

Scorecard works with the operator's commissions team to document existing commission rules and plans. These plans can be based on unlimited variables, including sales price, channel, region, product, time period, quotas, splits, accelerators, spiffs, chargebacks, and other commissionable variables. New plans can be added any time and existing plans can be changed or disabled. Commissions may be calculated as soon as events are available, reducing the lag time between sales and payment.

Store Managers may enter quota relief periods for employees on vacation, change employee roles, and verify other commission relevant information. Commission Manager provides a number of management reports, both summary and detailed, allowing managers to track and analyze sales.

Sales agents report greater credibility as the commissions process is fully transparent. Sales agents review their commissionable activity online where they can report any missing activity through the discrepancy interface and Commission Manager will automatically research and respond.

Commission Manager is a flexible, affordably-priced solution for operators of all sizes, as it does not require additional licenses or monthly operating costs to add new sales agents, plans, events, etc.

By improving commission accuracy and reducing processing and research time, Commission Manager allows companies to focus more on activities that drive additional sales.