We are the Global Leader in Telecom Reporting

Scorecard Systems is the leader in reporting and analysis solutions for telecommunications companies, and has been helping telecom companies produce accurate subscriber metrics for over 20 years. Scorecard supports operators around the world.

Deep Experience with Telecom Data

Scorecard was founded in 1996 in response to a need by telecom companies to better understand the massive amounts of data available to them. Telecom and subscriber-based businesses find it difficult to provide consistent views of the data. Business rules were being replicated across reports, queries, and even systems, even before there was an agreement on a common definition.

Understand the Complexity of Telecom Data and Systems

Scorecard has developed a methodology that provides the ability to track and match customer activity, regardless of the underlying data. This has culminated in the Subscriber Analysis Application that provides a single, common repository to store, manage, and use telecom business rules, and produce industry-standard metrics.

Across our 75+ customers, Scorecard has gained significant telecom experience and has incorporated industry best practices for telecom reporting into solutions customized specifically for the industry.

Cost-effective Compensation Platforms

Scorecard has allowed our customers to eliminate inflexible home-grown solutions that do not keep up with sales requirements and to avoid exorbitantly priced solutions from third-party vendors that charge use fees for every sales rep, plan or commissionable event.

Continuously Evolving to Meet the Business Needs

Scorecard has grown from a local, mobile-based solution provider to a global leader of converged fixed/mobile telecom data solutions.

Accessible Customer Service Plan

Scorecard Systems Inc. is committed to excellence in serving all customers including people with disabilities. Details about our disability policy can be found here.