Vast Broadband Selects Scorecard Systems for Customer Reporting, Analysis Solution

Subscriber Analysis Application Will Provide MSO Detailed Analytical Advantage In Competitive Environment

TORONTO, CANADA, March 15, 2016 — Scorecard Systems Inc., the global
leader in reporting and analysis solutions for cable, broadband and telecommunications
companies, today announced that it had been selected by Vast Broadband to provide the cable operator with a robust, accurate and rich customer reporting and analysis capability across the organization. Scorecard’s solutions drive accurate, in-depth analysis of customer activity, reduce commission and acquisition costs, and put powerful analytical ability directly in the hands of service providers.

Vast Broadband is an Internet, TV and phone provider serving South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota. Vast delivers world-class services backed by local service technicians and a call center located in South Dakota.

With the implementation of Scorecard’s Systems Subscriber Analysis Application (SAA), Vast will obtain a more complete picture of customer interaction, enabling the service provider to react quickly to market conditions, track the immediate impact of promotional campaigns, and drive higher penetration of additional services to its customer base.

“Scorecard’s Subscriber Analysis Application will provide us with much greater insight to business and process improvements and vastly reduce the amount of manual effort required for operational reporting,” said Jim Gleason, President and CEO of Vast Broadband, and former chairman of the board of both the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) and American Cable Association (ACA), who currently serves on the board of the ACA. “The solution provides a comprehensive view of all customer and service activity for our triple play businesses through intuitive KPIs, which we believe will give us a competitive advantage. The SAA will allow us to match, and in many cases exceed, the reporting insight of much larger operators.”

“Vast recognizes that the ability to effectively understand and manage the complexity of multiple lines of business has a direct impact on return on investment, the adoption rate of new services and ultimate customer satisfaction,” said Simon Marwood, Scorecard Systems’ CEO. “Our Subscriber Analysis Application will provide Vast with the ability for its management and analysts to easily understand customer trends and upsell/cross-sell opportunities, as well as providing a complete picture of the impact of churn and upgrade/downgrade paths on the customer base in an automated fashion. The SAA will allow users to concentrate on analysis rather than writing queries and custom reports, and provide full auditability of reported results back to the billing system. The business rules in the SAA are built on industry-standard logic from 70+ other operators, and avoid the pitfalls of traditional subscription tracking methodologies used within the industry, which tend to overstate certain metrics while failing to provide detailed insight into the the behaviour of customers with multiple PSUs and add-on services.”
Scorecard Systems’ Subscriber Analysis Application, which has been deployed at dozens of service providers worldwide, and which today measures results for over 200 million subscribers, can be deployed within an Enterprise Data Warehouse or as a standalone analysis tool, allowing service providers to measure customer activity using table-based, user-configurable business rules. The application allows customers to benefit from:

  • Integrated, out-of-the-box converged reporting.
  • User-configurable business rules and hierarchies.
  • More detailed, timely, accurate and in-depth reporting and analysis capabilities.
  • Reduction of commission overpayments and acquisition costs.
  • Reduction of dealer and salesperson fraud.
  • Increased penetration of ancillary services to the customer base.

The rules are applied automatically at the subscriber/service/billing code level, with the results made available to any standard business intelligence tool.

About Scorecard Systems
Scorecard Systems Inc. was founded in 1996 as a Business Intelligence company
specializing in telecommunications, cable and broadband companies. The Subscriber Analysis Application provides industry-standard, user-configureable business rules which deliver deeper, more accurate customer/service activity reporting. The SAA has been deployed at dozens of carriers, and measures results for over 200 million subscribers.